Asthma Prevalence in India

Asthma Prevalence in India

Asthma in India

There are approximately 2 crore patients who are suffering from Asthma in India, and you will get surprise to know every 10 patients of Asthma is an Indian. It is amongst the most common chronic disease in children.

Environment conditions triggering Asthma:

As per research, the biggest cause of allergic asthma is dust, cockroaches, and pollens. In fact, after analyzing the reports of asthma patients nearly 60,000 patients, among the allergens, cockroaches were the number one cause in more than 60% of the cases.

On further research, it has been found 90% of asthma in children and 50% of asthma in adults is caused or triggered by environmental factors like dust, pollen, and insects.

Air pollution is also becoming one of the most important causes. The automobile pollutions, chimneys smoke, smog are also causing asthma and other breathing problems.

Asthma is treatable if diagnosed at the proper time. And certain medications are of course available for minimizing the symptoms.


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