What are the causes of Breathlessness in 2022?

causes of breathlessness

Breathlessness refers to the condition where a person is facing difficulty during breathing. The reason behind it are many and with every person, these vary. People facing frequent breathlessness approach pulmonologists in Jaipur and consult for the treatment. But it is also integral to know about the causes behind the same.

Here we are discussing the causes of breathlessness in detail so that next time when you get in touch with your doctor for treatment it will be easy for you to understand the condition due to which the problems arising.

Causes of breathlessness in 2022:

1. Bronchitis:

Bronchitis is a condition where there is infection in the main airways of the lungs and due to which these become irritated and inflamed. This inflammation is responsible for breathlessness. This majorly happened due to viral respiratory infection.

2. Pneumonia:

Pneumonia is a respiratory infection in which inflammation of lung air sacs takes place. These air sacs get filled up with fluid or pus contributing to different problems including breathlessness, fever, chills and cough.

3. Lung cancer:

Lung cancer is one of the serious conditions which leads to breathlessness issues and let the person approach the doctor for breathlessness treatment in Jaipur. It begins in the lungs and people who smoke are at the verge of facing the same.

4. Inhalation injury:

Inhalation injury refers to the acute injuries to the respiratory system and the lungs. These usually take place when a person inhales substances including chemical particles, pollution, smoke and gases. This can be caused by extreme heat as well so referred to as thermal injuries. Due to this a person is not able to breathe properly.

5. COPD:

COPD or chronic inflammatory lung disease causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are the major contributors which make up to COPD. Due to this condition shortness of breath or wheezing along with chronic cough take place.

6. High altitude with low oxygen levels:

If a person is going towards a high altitude having a low oxygen level, they will face the problem. It is essential to understand the oxygen being available in the particular surroundings they are reaching.

7. Congestive heart failure:

Congestive heart failure refers to the condition in which the pumping power of the heart muscles gets affected. When the pumping power of the heart muscles gets affected it contributes to restlessness and a person is not able to breathe properly.

8. Allergic reaction:

Allergic reactions are really very common which contributes to breathlessness issues. Some people are allergic to pollens and other bacteria in the surroundings which led them fees multiple problems.

9. Interstitial lung disease:

Interstitial lung disease is the term used to indicate the group of disorders contributing to progressive scarring of lung tissue. Scarring leads to stiffness in the lungs which makes it difficult to breathe.

10. Subglottic stenosis:

Subglottic stenosis is the condition in which narrowing of the airway in part of the voice box below the vocal cords takes place. The diameter reduces which happen due to infection and problem related to incubation. This is also a cause behind breathlessness.

11. Pulmonary embolism:

Pulmonary embolism refers to the blockage in the pulmonary arteries of the lung. It is a condition in which blockage can take place in one or more arteries simultaneously. This blockage happens due to blood clots that travel to the lungs and then to Deep veins.

These are the major causes behind breathlessness or shortness of breath issue. Approach Dr. Pankaj Gulati in Jaipur for the treatment because he’s the best pulmonologist you have ever met. After looking into the condition, he suggests the best treatment and helps you to understand the intensity of that particular problem.