How do we avoid asthma?

How do we avoid asthma?

How do we avoid asthma?

Asthma is a lifelong condition that changes the airways or the pipes that conduct air in and out of the lungs. Asthma has congested airways or the inner surfaces of the airways are increased with extreme phlegm making breathing painful. Signs involve chest pains, wheezing, problem breathing, and dry coughing. Asthma is a very difficult and threatening condition if not handled perfectly. You should know how to manage your condition to avoid dangerous seizures.

Asthma attacks differ from person to person, but difficult asthma attack is indeed a point of concern. The airways may end due to too much inflammation and phlegm creation; in this situation, your body essential organs will not get sufficient oxygen and this will lead to a fatal end. You have to understand how to manage your condition before it could get severe.

How to bypass asthma triggers and get relieved of Asthma once and for all.

  • Say no to these foods and dairy products- Bypass all farm products, egg,  refined sugar, wheat, caffeine (tea, coffee, colas, chocolate), fish, alcohol vinegar, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, salt and anything including synthetic additives –  sulphur dioxide, MSG,  sodium sulphite, sodium benzoate, tartrazine, etc. Pale coloured dehydrated fruit is stored in sulphur to keep its colour.
  • Avoid aspirin- Aspirin can accelerate an asthma strike. So even if you have any headache or such pain where aspirin is advised to you in the prescription, do avoid or take a second doctor’s consultation
  • Avoid intake of Sodium sulphite- This triggers the symptoms of asthma. Sodium sulphite as found on red meat (to keep it fresh looking), light-coloured dried fruit, dressings, beer and wine, often causes asthma. So it is better to avoid theses food if you already have the condition of asthma.
  • Sodium benzoate is a preservative found in margarine, sauces, cool drinks, and some dried fruits. This particular preservative causes respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Dust moulds and unclean surfaces in the air after cleaning, which can take time to sediment are very bad for asthma. It is advised to use TheBaxi Clean Air System that warrants to weaken dust bugs by diminishing air humidity.
  • This condition can affect breathing. That, together with the outcome of lethal accumulation in the colon, requires action. Inadequate metabolism is normal with asthma. Hence to avoid it in limits and frequently so that the digestive tract does not get plugged.
  • Tartrazine (a food colour outlawed in many countries) is simply involved in producing allergic responses including asthma. Thus such food should not be consumed.
  • Chlorine is supposed to add to asthma attacks. Using a water purifier is the best form as every other source of water contains chlorinated water.
  • Pet fur, cigarette smoke, feathers, fumes, etc., household chemicals, are best bypassed.

Apart from the above measures that can be taken to avoid asthma do remember that you should at all times take the suggestion and stay under invigilation of medical personnel who can guide you thoroughly.

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Q – Is Lemon bad for asthma?

Ans – No, Citrus fruits have certain properties that make them effective in fighting asthma. Lemons can help reduce the effects of asthma triggers on the lungs, as well as inflammation and mucus, making them an effective natural remedy.