Is Asthma Curable?

Is Asthma Curable?

There is no such complete cure for Asthma disease. However, it can be treated to a great extent and the symptoms can be minimized. The asthma treatments have become so effective, that people can easily deal with the symptoms.

Asthma Treatment Plan:

Patients suffering from asthma have different triggers and responses. As per the doctors, there are many types of asthmas, with their own causes, symptoms, and treatments.

After diagnosing you for asthma, the doctor will make a complete treatment plan. The doctor will focus on the symptoms you are facing and then will recommend medicines to manage the symptoms.

Types of Medicines:

There are two main purposes in the Asthma treatment: long-term management of symptoms and short-term relief. Here we have mentioned the medicines, drugs and other treatments which are involved in the asthma treatment plan:

  1. Inhalers:

Inhalers are portable devices, easily get fit into the pocket, and deliver a medicine dose into your lungs. You just need to hold the pump into the mouth and press down the cannister.

The medicine content will turn into mist or powder and after inhaling it will reach your lungs.

Generally, the medicines in the inhalers are corticosteroids for controlling swelling and irritation. These medicines are for daily use. For severe conditions, some inhalers also contain fast-acting drugs.

  1. Nebulizers:

These devices contain liquid medicines which are then turn into a mist for breathing. The medicines reduce swelling and irritation in the airways.

  1. Oral Medicines:

The long-term plan can also include oral drugs like leukotriene modulators for reducing inflammation and theophylline for opening the airways.

  1. Biologics:

Biologics include injection of biological medication, once or twice in a month. The medicines are to reduce the irritation.


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