Is TB curable at any stage in 2022?

Is TB curable at any stage

Is TB curable at any stage: Tuberculosis is an infection that takes place due to mycobacterium tuberculosis in the lungs primarily. In later stages, it shows its effect on another organ of the body, including the kidney, brain, lymph glands, or bones as well.

It is among the top infectious killer disease, and a patient cannot ignore it because ignoring it can be harmful. After diagnosis, the patient approaches a doctor for tuberculosis treatment in Jaipur to get rid of it. But some of them have the thought of whether it is TB curable at any stage or not. Well, here we discuss the same in detail.

Stages of TB:

In total, there are three stages of TB including:-

1. Exposure:

Exposure is basically the primary TB infection. It is the condition when it enters the body. In the initial stages, there are no particular symptoms. But fever or pulmonary symptoms will be there that allow the person to get an idea for the same and approach the doctor for treatment. In this state, it is asymptomatic and followed by latent TB infection.

2. Latent:

Latent TB infection is the stage when bacteria have made the presence in the body and can be diagnosed with thorough tests. In this stage, it is not active. During this stage, some symptoms may be there, but majorly a person does not notice any such changes. Also, it does not spread to others as well.

3. Active disease:

An active state is a condition when the bacteria cells are active and multiplying. A person starts feeling sick, and it will be contagious. Immediate treatment is required because adapting it can be life-threatening. But thanks to the pulmonology doctor in Jaipur who have the best treatment available for it.

Is TB curable at any stage in 2022?

Thankfully TB is curable and preventable. It is spread from person to person as it is contagious. But if a person is taking all the precautions, they will be able to get rid of it. Medication plays an integral role because after noticing the symptom, a person cannot ignore the same.

The course of medication is from 9 to 30 months. The duration for which a person needs to consume the medication to get rid of it depends on the type of TB.

In case they are ignoring medications, then chances are there they need to deal with that for a longer duration for some also some precautions are there they need to take when they are on the course of medication.

After few months, it will not be contagious but has an effect on overall health, so a person needs to take medications on a regular basis.

Precautions to take as a TB patient in 2022:

  • Always cover your mask. Make sure you are not approaching outside without precautions.
  • Take all the medications as prescribed by the doctor for the duration. Until the doctor does not take them off them, don’t go for it.
  • Keep your record updated.
  • Go for a blood test frequently so that you can know whether it is at the stage of cure or not.
  • Try to visit people rarely. In the course of recovery, you need to cut to your human contact because it may be troublesome for them and for you as well.
  • Wash your hands whenever you sneeze or cough.
  • Use a sanitizer frequently.
  • Sanitize your surroundings.
  • Limit your external exposure to the surroundings where dust and other bacteria have accumulated a place.

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