Risk factor of Asthma.

Risk factor of Asthma

Asthma is a condition in which there is difficulty in breathing. A person will not be able to breathe properly due to extra mucus produced in the airways, and this becomes inflamed.

It is not very difficult to figure out whether it is minor or major. But the major problem arises as it interferes with regular activities. In some cases, it leads to life-threatening attacks as well. Not only difficulty in breathing, but it also promotes chest pain, cough, and wheezing. Usually, people approach Asthma specialists and ask them about the solution. The doctor suggests rescue inhalers and control inhalers which suppress the symptoms of asthma. But it is also important to understand the risk factor of Asthma-related to it.

Here we will be going to discuss risk factors related to asthma for better understanding.

Risk factors of Asthma:-

Family History:

Family history is one of the major reason that an individual to understand that there might be at risk of developing asthma. If any of your parents are suffering from it, chances are there you may develop it later on. Therefore it is important to take precautions from the very start.


Some people have a certain allergy that acts as the trigger for asthma. Certain allergens are there, including dust, mold, toxic chemicals, and pet dander which triggers it, and later on, a person might face the problem. If you are allergic to any particular chemical in your surroundings, keep yourself away from it and don’t go there again and again. If you are doing so, chances of asthma development will get increased.

Gender and age:

Talking about gender and age, in males, the chances of asthma development are quite higher as compared to females. In the case of age, children are more prone to asthma as compared to adults. The risk for both male and female are equal, but it is important to get proper treatment initially.

Air pollution:

There is no doubt in the fact that air pollution leads to multiple respiratory issues, and asthma is among one of those. The constant exposure to air pollution increases the risk for it. We suggest you have proper precautions like wearing a mask and not going to locations where hair pollution is higher to prevent yourself from it. If you are developing any symptoms, approach the Asthma Specialist in Jaipur now and get the treatment done immediately.


Smoking is really very irritating for the Airways, and people who smoke regularly are at higher risk of asthma. In case during pregnancy mother smoked or was exposed to second hand, smokers are more likely to have asthma.

Viral respiratory infections:

Respiratory problems are also very common, which leads to asthma. Exposure to viral respiratory infections leads to a firmer, and it might turn chronic as well.


Obesity is also a factor that lets individuals face it. The major reason related to it is still unclear, but according to experts, people who are overweight are at greater risk of facing asthma.

Here we come to an end and the shared basic risk factors related to a stomach. In case you are facing any problem, approach the Asthma Specialist now and have the proper treatment for you.