What are the risk factors of Pneumonia?

risk factors of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common problem these days. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are responsible for it. Like other medical problems, this also comes up with certain risk factors of Pneumonia. Before knowing about the risk factors, it is essential to know that people with weak immune systems or chronic conditions are more prone to risk. Thus, if you have the same condition, keeps yourself away from such conditions.

Let’s understand the risk factors in detail so that prevention will be quite easy.

Risk factors of Pneumonia:-

Chronic conditions may get worse:

If a person is already suffering from some medical problems, including congestive heart failure or emphysema, chances are there. It could make them worse. With people suffering from congestive heart failure, the chances of heart attack increase if they have not approached the doctor yet.

Lung abscesses:

In the lungs, there is a cavity having pus during pneumonia condition, and antibiotics are important for treating them. But in certain cases, drainage is required, and for it, surgery is the only option.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome:

Acute respiratory distress syndrome is one of the most severe forms of respiratory failure. If pneumonia is not treated, it will lead to ARDC, and a medical emergency will arise.

Impaired breathing:

Impaired breathing contributes to the activity where a person is not able to breathe properly. They have trouble getting enough oxygen, and at that moment, the need for a ventilator arises.


Bacteremia is a condition in which the bacteria from pneumonia infection occupy a place in the bloodstream. It leads to low blood pressure and, in certain cases, organ failure as well.

Difficulty in sleeping:

When you are suffering from pneumonia, difficulty in sleeping will also be there. The whole night due to cough and pain in your chest, you will not be able to sleep peacefully. As a result, it disturbs your lifestyle and reduces productivity.

Liver diseases:

Pneumonia has a direct impact on the liver along with the lungs. Don’t compromise with that because lung infections sometimes take place due to pneumonia. Approach the doctor for pneumonia treatment in Jaipur immediately so that you can get rid of it as soon as possible.


If pneumonia is not treated, it will become fatal and leads to death as well. Therefore do not compromise with any factor because it to make leads to a lot of problems.


These are the basic risk factors related to pneumonia. If the problem is rising, do not feel hesitant to approach a doctor for pneumonia treatment in Jaipur. He will analyze the situation and suggest antibacterial or antifungal tablets so that getting rid of them will become quite easy for you.