What are the symptoms of Tuberculosis?

symptoms of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs majorly and, in certain cases, affects the spine, brain, kidney, and bone marrow as well. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to figure out whether a person is suffering from it or not. Additionally, certain signs and symptoms are there contributing to it. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis:-

Incurable cough:

Incurable cough is the primary symptom of tuberculosis. If you are suffering from a cough and it lasts for more than three weeks to approach the doctor and get the test done. The test will help them to figure out whether it is due to any bacterial infection or you are suffering from tuberculosis.

Chest pain:

Chest pain also contributes to tuberculosis because, during it, you will feel constant pain in your chest. A moment will arise when you feel like you are not even able to breathe properly.

Coughing up blood:

If the scenario is being so that you are coughing up blood, this is a major question of concern, and you need to approach Pulmonologist in Jaipur. He will diagnose it and reach a conclusion whether it is due to tuberculosis or any other reason.

Unknown weakness:

An unknown weakness is quite difficult to figure out, and there is no doubt in the fact that if you are suffering from it, chances are there mycobacterium tuberculosis has occupied a place in your body. You will feel tired every time, and a moment will arise when you drop out of the situation. This weakness leads to tuberculosis.


Tuberculosis comes up with fever as well. If you have a constant temperature and you are not sure why it is happening with you, approach the doctor immediately. The doctor will conduct certain blood tests and reach a conclusion. Also, if you are feeling sweating at night but no fever, it may also let you face it.

No appetite:

If you are noticing any change in your eating habits, this is the major question of concern. We suggest you understand that if the same is happening and you feel like you don’t need to consume anything, there might be an infection in your body. Approach the doctor and have the proper treatment for it.

Weight loss:

The sometimes unknown reason behind weight loss is also a question of concern. If you are eating well but still are losing weight day by day,  approach the doctor immediately for treatment. The doctor will understand the condition and conduct the test. They might conduct blood tests for chest X-rays to figure out whether you are suffering from tuberculosis or any other problem.

These are the symptoms of tuberculosis which are a major question of concern. It is important to approach the doctor immediately to get the best treatment for it.