What are the symptoms of Allergy?

symptoms of Allergy

Allergy is an immune system response to all the foreign substances available in the surroundings. Some foreign substances are there to which the immune system does not respond, but some are harmful as well. The foreign substances which appear to be harmful to the human body are called allergens.

Some symptoms are very common which helps an individual to identify whether it is an allergy or some other problems arising. After diagnosing the same, they can approach the pulmonologist in Jaipur and ask for the treatment. Let us understand the symptoms of allergy.

Symptoms of allergy:-

Sneezing continuously:

Sneezing is one of the most common symptoms of allergy. Sometimes an individual starts to sneeze continuously right away, and sometimes they get it for longer durations. It let you face running or blocked nose. Basically, it identifies allergic rhinitis.

Change in Eyes:

In some individuals, there are some changes in eyes as well. The eyes appear to be itchy, red, or watery. This indicates conjunctivitis as well. If the energy progressive or a person has not to approach the doctor for allergy treatment in Jaipur, it may lead to conjunctivitis.

The problem in breathing:

If a person is highly allergic to some allergens in the surrounding, chances are there they Face problem in breathing. In some cases, shortness of breath takes place along with wheezing. This condition sometimes leads to other problems, and for a few days, a person is not able to engage in their activities effortlessly.

Feeling sick:

If a person is feeling sick there might be a chance they have some allergy. It is not essential that the symptoms of allergy will appear on the skin only. This could be any according to the immunity system response to the foreign particles.

Changes in face features:

There will be some changes in facial features as well. The lips may appear to be swollen, or swelling appears on the eyes or face as well. This indicates that a person is allergic to something, and they got interacted with the same.

Itching all over the body:

Allergies also contribute to itching all over the body. If the same is happening, approach the pulmonologist in Jaipur immediately, and they will give you some antibiotics to get rid of it. Sometimes the same eating leads to rashes as well.

The feeling of vomiting:

Feeling vomiting all the time is an indication of a food allergy. This happens due to the consumption of some meals in which some ingredients are harmful to them. For example, some individuals are not fond of having mushrooms, and after eating the same, they start doing vomiting.

Loss of consciousness:

Loss of consciousness is also a symptom of allergy. But it could be severe as well. It is essential for individuals to seek medical help immediately to get rid of it as soon as possible.

These are the symptoms of allergy, and make sure to approach the doctor. After approaching the pulmonologist in Jaipur, you will be able to understand the type of allergy and the best possible treatment for it.