What is the difference between acute and chronic asthma?

Difference between Acute and Chronic Asthma

Difference between Acute and Chronic Asthma: Respiratory issues are really very annoying. If a person is dealing with any respiratory problem, they face a lot of difficulties. Most people suffer from asthma. But the condition or type of asthma they are suffering from is different.

To help you learn about different types of asthma, here we are majorly highlighting the Difference between Acute and Chronic Asthma. After this read, there will be clarity between both of these and you will be able to reach out to the doctor for the treatment as well. Let’s have a look!

What is acute Asthma?

Acute asthma is a condition that involves inflammation and obstruction of the bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes are responsible for allowing air in and out of the lungs. It is referred to as a condition where an increase in symptoms happens when the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes experience changes and especially tighten. The tightness in this bronchial tube is responsible for restricting the airflow, and it is known as an asthma attack or acute asthma exacerbation.

During an asthma attack, mucus production increases and is responsible for obstructing the airways. A person is not in the state to breathe properly, and the duration may be different. The mild attack will last for a few minutes only. But the severe one lasts from 2 hours to 2 days. In most cases, the severe ones are responsible for causing other problems as well.

Symptoms of an acute Asthma attack in 2022:

Symptoms of an acute asthma attack include:

  • Coughing
  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing

Causes of acute Asthma in 2022:

The causes of acute asthma include common allergens and common air irritants. The common causes include animal dander, dust mites, grass, or trees. Smoke, strong odors, and chemical fumes are examples of air irritants.

Some health conditions are also responsible for asthma attacks, including flu, upper respiratory tract infections, and sinusitis.

What is chronic Asthma?

Chronic asthma is a condition where acute asthma gets worse with time and asthma treatments do not respond well to it. The symptoms are more intense than regular asthmatic symptoms and last for a longer period of time.

People who are dealing with chronic asthma find it difficult to control and it has a major impact on their daily lives as well. Due to the asthmatic attack, they are not in a state to engage with people socially and continue with their regular activities.

Symptoms of chronic asthma in 2022:

The symptoms of chronic asthma are similar to those of acute asthma, but these are so intense. If any cause triggers an asthma attack, a person will not be able to control it and they will get restless for a while. In most cases, it happens that it takes a longer duration of time to get comfortable and feel relaxed.

Causes of chronic asthma in 2022:

The causes of chronic asthma include:

  • Respiratory viral infections
  • Allergens
  • Sensitizing agents
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Air pollution
  • Chemical fumes
  • Illness

Difference between acute and chronic Asthma:

In this section, we will point out the major differences between acute and chronic asthma:

  • Acute asthma appears suddenly, whereas chronic asthma develops gradually.
  • People with chronic asthma cause a lot of problems for people, and they cannot get comfortable within a few minutes. But with acute asthma, there is a possibility that people will be able to get comfortable soon and no further problems will take place.
  • There is a treatment for acute asthma, and people will be able to deal with it. With chronic asthma, medications are the only option left, and sometimes the medications do not help people deal with symptoms and other triggers.
  • The breathing rate is quite high with acute asthma, whereas with chronic asthma it is very high.

This was all about the difference between acute and chronic Asthma, and we hope right now you are aware of them. It is important to reach out to the best doctor around for the treatment. If you are looking for a doctor who can provide you with treatment for asthma, you can reach out to Dr. Pankaj Gulati in Jaipur.

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FAQ:  Acute and Chronic Asthma

Q.1 – Is there any cure available for acute asthma?

Answer – There are treatments available for acute asthma, and a person needs to be sure about the medication and other factors their doctor is suggesting. If they are ignoring it, getting rid of the condition will be difficult.

Q.2 – Can a person live with acute asthma?

Answer – Living with asthma is a bit complicated, but with the right lifestyle and treatment, a person can live their life peacefully.

Q.3 – Can a person with asthma engage in sports activities?

Answer – Sometimes it is not advisable for people to engage in sports activities if they are dealing with asthma because of the reflection in breathing that may happen during them.

Q.4 – What is the best treatment for asthma?

Answer – The best treatment for asthma consists of inhaling corticosteroids along with some control medication.

Q.5 – Who is the best doctor for asthma treatment in Jaipur?

Answer – Dr. Pankaj Gulati is the best doctor for Asthma treatment in Jaipur.

Q.5 – Is it possible for people to deal with asthma symptoms without approaching the doctor?

Answer – There is no chance that a person will be able to deal with asthma symptoms without approaching the doctor. They need to approach the pulmonologist in order to get the treatment as soon as possible.