How Air pollution leads to Respiratory diseases?

Air pollution

Winter has just begun, but the pollution level in most of the metro cities have crossed the threshold. With the lowering of temperature, mist, and fog, getting mixed with smoke produced by factories, automobiles, chimneys, contributing a lot in increasing pollution in the air.

In many cities, people have started donning air masks to protect themselves from the particulate matter (PM 2.5). These particles reach your airways & lungs and can cause respiratory diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, and others.

As per a report by the CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), nearly one-third of the premature deaths in the country are due to air pollution. In fact, our capital city, New Delhi, is notorious for poor quality air index and according to a report, there is one death per hour in Delhi because of air pollution.

Air pollution and Respiratory Diseases:

It has been identified from several kinds of research that air pollution plays a major role in triggering various respiratory diseases. In 2015, Curofy conducted a poll, in which 82% of health experts chimed in that there is a direct relation between respiratory problems and polluted air.

Vis-à-vis to rural areas or small cities, metro cities have more impact on the lungs. They can worsen the symptoms of existing diseases, and can also cause infection in the lungs.

How to avoid these diseases in air pollution?

It could be extremely difficult in high air pollution to remain to abstain from respiratory diseases. However, if you take proper prevention measures, you can avoid respiratory problems:

  1. Consult your doctor better as a pulmonologist to get a proper plan for the existing diseases.
  2. Ask your doctor to give precautions measures as per your lifestyle, location, work, etc.
  3. Always get updates about the local pollution levels.
  4. Avoid smoky areas as much as possible
  5. Wear a mask if required.
  6. If you are suffering from diseases like asthma, then carry an inhaler with you.
  7. Avoid going out in peak hours of traffic.


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