10 Tips to Control Asthma during winter

Asthma during winter

Except you love going outside in dry, cold air that hits you in the face, winters can be the gloomy season. For people with asthma, the winter season can result in making their symptoms worse.

There are 2 major problems with people having asthma during winter. One is the air is dry and cold and the other one is people have more upper respiratory infections and sinus problems, either one of these can worsen or trigger an asthma attack.

To keep control of asthma attacks during the winter season, here are 10 tips you can consider –

1. Wash your hands frequently and properly

Washing your hands with water and soap is one of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from catching or spreading colds and other viruses. Moist towelettes and hand sanitizers which are alcohol-based can also be helpful.

2. Don’t sit near the fireplace

Sitting by the fire seems cozy and lovely, but is not great for you if you have asthma. There is evidence that burning wood is like we are burning tobacco. Smoke, from wherever it comes from, can annoy your lungs, especially in the situation when you have asthma.

3. Change filters

Your heating system may blow debris and dust in your house when you start it for the first time during winter. So it is better to change the filters during the winters so that it doesn’t trigger asthma.

4. Do warm exercise before your work out

A study has proved that people with asthma improve quickly and have great lung function after an exercise session when they are warmed up.

5. Get a flu shot

It is vital for people having asthma to get flu vaccine which is made with the killed flu virus and it advised to not get the nasal spray vaccine as it includes a live virus. For additional safety, you can get the pneumonia vaccine.

6. Keep your mouth closed

This is something your mother told you when you were a kid. Keeping your mouth closed excellent in many ways beyond just good manners. It is beneficial for the lungs. Generally, you want to breathe through your nose, not through your mouth, nose warms up the air for lungs when you are out in the cold.

7. Take your medicines

Discuss with your asthma specialist or doctor to prepare a treatment plan and get regular checkups. It is essential to follow the treatment plan for keeping asthma in control during any season.

8. Exercise indoors

During the winter season is recommended to go to the gym instead of exercising outdoors for asthma patients. The humidity and temperature in the gym decrease the chance of causing any issue.

9. Take steps to prevent asthma flares

Take a shot of your asthma medicine before you go out whether for shopping, exercise or walk the dog.

10. Prepare an asthma action plan

Despite any season, you should always be aware of what actions to take when your asthma symptoms burst. Your action plan should specify the procedure to control your asthma and what action to take when you go through an asthma attack.